Artificial intelligence and metaverse

Artificial Intelligence is being used in Meta to build the metaverse by voice command. Meta Artificial Intelligence is working on a tool called BuilderBot that allows you to create virtual worlds by describing them with your voice.

Meta is in a race with the other software and technology companies to develop the metaverse. For this, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has come up with the innovative idea of a Meta Artificial Intelligence tool that will build the metaverse by voice command

“The kind of experiences you’ll have in the metaverse is above and beyond what’s possible today. It’s an immersive version of the Internet. Instead of just looking at someone on the screen, you’ll feel like you’re in there, or present in that place with someone else. And that will require advances across a broad set of areas: from new hardware devices to software, to building and exploring worlds. And the key to unlocking a lot of these worlds is advances in Artificial Intelligence,” said Mark Zuckerberg in a video.

The tool for creating virtual worlds is called BuilderBot and is part of the Artificial Intelligence that Meta is developing to create its metaverse. “BuilderBot allows people to generate or import things into a virtual world simply by using voice commands,” tweeted Meta’s official account.

With this tool, for example, you’ll be able to ask the AI to make a table appear and you’ll see it inside the metaverse. Or ask an island to appear, and you will see it in front of you in this virtual world.

In addition, in order to make the metaverse accessible to everyone in the world, no matter what language they speak, Meta is teaching Artificial Intelligence to translate hundreds of languages, both written and spoken, in real-time.

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