Artificial Intelligence and its role in 2022

Artificial Intelligence And Its Role In 2022. Many companies are betting that 2022 will be the year of Artificial Intelligence (AI) because of its key role in increasing the productivity and growth of organizations.

According to a study carried out by Accenture, it is estimated that by 2035 those companies that incorporate AI into their business model will see an increase in profits of around 38%, which is not insignificant. This speaks of the importance that artificial intelligence has – and will have – in the business of companies both now and in the coming years.

The present and the future, the future of AI is promising, and the industry is moving to obtain the maximum benefit from this tool in a responsible way.

Examples of companies that have already adopted these technologies, such as Prosegur, “which has adopted Dynamics 365 for Sales as a CRM solution to enhance its digital strategy globally and create customer engagement thanks to its AI-based functionalities; the Konecta Group, which with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations as an ERP solution has simplified processes and acquired a comprehensive view of its business, with predictive metrics through AI that allows better decisions to be made. or even Nueva Pescanova, which uses cloud services, IoT (Internet of Things), and artificial intelligence from Microsoft as a generic solution to control its processes automatically, improving the efficiency and sustainability of its aquaculture processes, encouraging business predictability, and guaranteeing food traceability,

Increased productivity

The industry in general is clear that AI is fundamental in the path of organizations in this digital transformation. The combination of human intelligence with artificial intelligence brings and helps to work better; more intelligently, with greater efficiency and fewer errors.

First, because of the possibilities offered by AI, which are practically infinite, and most of them have yet to be explored or developed in a much broader and more decisive way. Second, because no sector has been oblivious to its arrival. Practically all are beginning to introduce AI into their dynamics: from retail to large industries, through research, medicine, geology, meteorology, livestock, agriculture, arts, entertainment, sports… It can be said that almost any human activity already has artificial intelligence applications within its processes that provide benefits and advantages over its competitors.

Improving company data

Companies do not cease to generate tons of data day after day, which are a very important asset for them, but not too much exploited in a general way. Through new technologies, we can bring out patterns that would otherwise remain hidden due to the enormous amount of information to handle, in case of detecting them manually. Additional information or metadata will enable companies to detect relationships between customers or suppliers, offer services that would not have been possible before, or even avoid financial problems with catastrophic consequences.

That is what leads many market specialists to conclude that 2022 will be the year of artificial intelligence. AI is going to improve the performance of most companies exponentially since a large part of the advances being made in this technology are along these lines. However, it will be essential to have people with the necessary skills to develop that knowledge and know-how to implement it in the different business areas of the organization.

Some examples of its application are virtual assistants capable of providing information to the user and performing all kinds of tasks; systems capable of detecting when and why a customer will leave; intelligent search engines that allow to quickly obtain any information within the entire document system of the organization or systems capable of visually and interactively displaying important KPIs within the organization in an intelligent way, to be able to make business decisions much more agile.

However, there are buts to bear in mind when it comes to implementing artificial intelligence in any company. The first one is It is important to take into account the necessary conditions for a company to be able to get the full potential of AI are several: having a well-defined strategy consistent with the principles of the company or sector of activity; changing the corporate culture and leadership to assume this commitment to innovation; being able to seek innovative partners to remove technological barriers, and gaining confidence for the adoption of this technology.

The second is that it will be essential to have people with the necessary skills to develop this knowledge and know-how to implement it in the different business areas of the organization.

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