Artificial Intelligence in business

Artificial Intelligence In Business. AI is closer than we think and learning how to use it to boost a business can be beneficial. Here are some recommendations to take the leap.

When we talk about artificial intelligence (AI) we often imagine futuristic programs that are capable of controlling complex computer systems or advanced robots that can perform the same actions as a human being, from understanding to moving like us. The reality is that today we have much more at hand than we think and we interact with it in different aspects of our lives.

When we open the map on our cell phone, so that it tells us which is the best route at the moment, or when, for example, we open the website of a store and a virtual assistant speaks to us to offer us help, we are dealing with artificial intelligence. Even when we open a movie service and the system recommends something based on our previous preferences. Simple actions can solve endless problems for us.

“AI is software that allows us to predict certain situations or possible scenarios. That is its capability. It translates into scenarios such as interpreting market trends, writing a text in response to a possible question, or the ability to resolve simple conversations. What we are looking for is a high probability of success, based on a large number of variables,” explains Nicolás Vilela, expert and CEO of ZTZ Tech Group, a startup dedicated to optimizing the management of claims received by companies with AI.

Artificial intelligence can be very useful for entrepreneurs. Especially because it can optimize some processes, help to make some tasks more efficient or even improve your sales. All of them are fundamental to making your business grow.

The first thing to emphasize is that what AI offers is much simpler than we think. Vilela explains that “what I have to think about is the tasks in my business. Investigate the different processes and see, no matter how small the tasks are, which ones could be solved by artificial intelligence”.

Today it is possible to find different technologies to use.

One of them is AI in marketing to better manage advertising campaigns, with the search and application of information around the business, such as trends or collection of customer feedback. Factors that translate into a more effective way to reach the audience we are targeting.

In customer service, chatbots can be used, which is a program that allows answering questions and interacting with people automatically. Or apply software to optimize payment methods on the website.

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