Artificial Intelligence and Amazon

Artificial Intelligence And Amazon. Amazon will have a physical clothing store that will feature artificial intelligence. Through the company shopping app, customers will be able to locate available sizes and colors of garments.

Amazon continues to grow and now it will do so with a physical clothing store. That’s right, the e-commerce giant announced Thursday that before the end of 2022 it will open its first physical clothing store in a shopping center in Los Angeles (California, USA), called “Amazon Style”, which will have artificial intelligence.

This is what the store will be like

This establishment will sell women’s clothing, men’s clothing, shoes, and accessories at prices similar to those found on the online platform, as indicated in a statement by the company based in Seattle (Washington State, USA).

In addition, Amazon, which already has supermarkets and physical food stores in some U.S. cities, will bet heavily on technology in its clothing store, in which there will be virtually no need to deal with humans in the buying process.

The store’s customers will have to use the mobile application ‘Amazon Shopping’ through which they will be able to scan the QR codes that they will find on the shelves and displays of clothing to see the sizes and colors available, as well as the ratings of other customers, in the style of the website.

If the customer decides they want to try on a particular garment, they will simply press a button on their cell phone to be sent to the dressing room, where items will accumulate until the user comes and can try them all on at once. Those fitting rooms will be equipped with touch screens from which to order other products, sizes, or colors and leave reviews of the items.

“With the Amazon Shopping app, customers can send items to a fitting room, where they can use a touch screen to search for more options, rate items, and request more sizes or styles that are sent directly to that same space in a matter of minutes,” explains the e-commerce giant.

The goal and the algorithms

The purpose of this technological innovation is to avoid wasting time looking for the size and/or color of the garment, as well as carrying many pieces of clothing in the wardrobe. Also, the store includes algorithms and recommendations. “Amazon Style is all about personalization. Our machine learning algorithms produce personalized recommendations in real-time for each customer as they shop,” they note in the release.

“As customers browse the store and scan items that catch their eye, we will recommend selections just for them. For an even more personalized experience, customers can share information such as their style, fit and other preferences.”

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