Artificial Intelligence and Lenovo first solution

Artificial Intelligence and Lenovo’s first solution. Your customers will be able to gain predictive insights to detect hardware issues before they occur.

Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus is the optimized, predictive and proactive Software as a Service (SaaS) tool with Artificial Intelligence to manage PC fleets. Fernando Jimenez, software manager at Lenovo, said the tool helps IT administrators get advanced predictive information to detect problems before they occur.

The tool can be used by different sizes of companies. Ideal for companies that do not have an IT department, Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus helps them keep equipment in top condition. Large companies will be able to save up to 25% in investment costs and reduce PC downtime by up to 40%.

The solution was released this month and, in addition to being the company’s first with Artificial Intelligence, it is cloud-based and ready to be marketed by Lenovo’s distribution channel. With Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus your customers will make data-driven decisions to optimize help desk costs while increasing productivity and employee satisfaction.

Jimenez explained that the new normal involves people working remotely, so they need to have the right resources to perform their activities.

One of the highlights of the software is that it allows you to monitor Lenovo equipment, as well as other brands. The opportunity for you as a business partner of the company promises to be ample.

“The tool works in the cloud and the PC collects the information and sends it to the cloud to ensure that the equipment is working properly,” said Jiménez.

The company has already begun the training process that will provide you with sufficient knowledge of Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus. Within the partner program, there is a chapter oriented for channels that sell software to acquire information about the tool and how to market it.

The training is quarterly and the partner platform announces the dates for you to register. The tool has more than 10 thousand control points so that it monitors everything that happens depending on the equipment. You will be able to know the status of the processor, memory, workload, and latency of applications to know if the equipment is using them correctly.

On the other hand, it does not interfere with employee information, which gives you the peace of mind of having a solution that is not invasive and does not infringe on business information.

Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus is available for purchase under subscription licenses.

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