Artificial Intelligence: Creating a Humanoid Robot

Artificial intelligence: creating a humanoid robot. Tesla’s new idea is to create a humanoid robot with artificial intelligence which functions would be to perform tasks that are dangerous or boring.

In Elon Musk’s head, There are many ideas, some impossible and others that with the passage of time can be carried out. Among the latter is the idea of building a robot with a humanoid appearance by the American firm Tesla, and it seems that steps are already being taken to achieve this goal.

It has even been reported that the project already has a final name for the future robot: Tesla Bot. The idea is that aesthetically familiar that does not generate any rejection to its appearance, hence the humanoid, and one of the things that will be used to have a good utility creation is the use of Artificial Intelligence. The truth is that this makes a lot of sense, the software used by the manufacturer in their cars could be said to turn them into a robot on wheels, so an evolution like the one we are indicating does not seem exactly crazy.

What would be the purpose of the robot?

According to Musk himself, the idea is that the creation will be completely friendly and able to cope in a world like the current one that is designed by and for humans. In the words of Tesla’s own creator, the idea is to achieve a robot that “eliminates the dangerous and boring tasks” that people have to do in their daily lives -it could even do the shopping-. In this way, it would be possible to eliminate some things that are not at all positive when it comes to working or being at home, thus taking the time that would be spent on enjoying the hobbies that one has or simply resting.

One of the things that have been known is that the creation, which is codenamed Oculus, will have a height of 1.27 meters and weight reach 56.5 kilos. Therefore, it will hardly be thought that the robot is a threat (the maximum speed it will reach is eight kilometers per hour, so you can run away without problems in case you encounter it). The truth is that, if the design is like the one we leave after this paragraph, what has been seen in many science fiction movies will eventually become a reality at the hands of Elon Musk.

You may think that the project is in an initial phase by Tesla, but things are not like that, since it is expected to have a fully functional prototype next year and, thus, to know if it is feasible to mass-produce it to perform those tasks for which it has been created and thus free humans from the things they like less. Is it madness or another brilliant idea of Elon Musk?

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