Artificial Intelligence for a more efficient service

Artificial Intelligence For A More Efficient Service. Customer service has a future that is, in fact, already present because of the changes COVID-19 has brought. The consumer has become much more digital and companies have had to accelerate their digitization.

Specifically, these departments “have become a team that not only manages doubts and complaints but also performs more value-added tasks, such as publicizing new products, advising on a sale, and also closing it. 

What has happened this past year, “the service has gone from being a cost center to a revenue center for companies”. And, in this transition, technology can be an accelerator.

Artificial Intelligence for a more efficient service

One of the advantages of this new customer service model is that it allows obtaining more information about the consumer. This data helps to offer a service that “is better adapted to their preferences and circumstances”. 

In this sense, Salesforce technology makes it possible to build a service that, although it takes advantage of all the benefits of process automation and Artificial Intelligence, is fundamentally centered on people, both customers, and employees.

One of the concrete examples to understand the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is that of chatbots, which enable faster and more efficient service, and are a very useful solution when it comes to providing answers to common questions, such as order status or password resets.

But AI has more applications to offer, such as “systems for suggesting to the agent the solution most likely to be satisfactory, without forgetting predictions of the next best action, which can be a sale or a simple loyalty action”. The key to the use of AI is that it is fed by the necessary data so that it can give the right answer at the right time.

The importance of data centralization

Another area to boost is data centralization. By having them all in the same place and not in silos of information, it is easier to offer a personalized service, according to Salesforce, who gives a clear example: “With Salesforce, an agent can see on a single dashboard what products a customer has previously purchased in the store, whether they have made complaints or other transactions in the past, or what channels they usually use to communicate with the brand.”

In addition to Artificial Intelligence, the centralization of information is crucial to improve service and avoid duplication, another essential concept for effective customer service is the omnichannel strategy, which “provides a plus because it allows the most appropriate channel to be used for each interaction”.

For this reason, the customer experience is “a very important part” of the purchasing process, and It is not surprising that companies are increasingly strengthening this area and opting for products such as Salesforce‘s Service Cloud, which integrates all the elements necessary to meet the demands of their customers”.

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