Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots: Efficient Alternative Care

Artificial Intelligence is more present in our lives, not only because of the advances that the technological giants continue to bring, but also because the world has changed under an obligatory “new normality” and our needs for virtual attention and problem solving are now greater in comparison to previous months, that’s why chatbots are more positioned and are no longer a trend as they were previously thought.

But, what is a Bot?

It’s an artificial intelligence software designed to perform a series of actions independently and without the help of human beings, examples of this are restaurant reservations, travel, medical appointments, order management, customer service, and technical support, among others.

Bots are mainly used to carry out customer service functions, so they can solve a person’s needs. They are capable of simulating a conversation with a person and therefore are increasingly present in messaging applications.

These qualities have managed to make chatbots an attractive alternative for users, because:

  • They have the ability to quickly answer simple questions
  • They manage interactions outside of office hours. 
  • They can solve a problem or transaction on their own.
  • They collect data from each customer to give them a unique, personalized, real-time experience.
  • They are programmed so that their “personality” inspires confidence, where friendliness and humor add to the experience
  • The advanced all-round care technologies offered by the bots are in themselves valuable attributes for customers.

Increasingly we see frequent interactions between companies and customers through bots and given the pandemic caused by COVID-19 the health sector through telemedicine has also been forced to act quickly implementing and using healthbots (health chatbots), multiplying its presence in the world to the difficulty of face-to-face care, managing to provide instant solutions to queries from users who make use of these tools, generating a significant increase to provide care, agile and assertive responses to patients.

Definitely the new social and economic context has strengthened the advantages of artificial intelligence with the implementation of chatbots, becoming an efficient and timely tool that records growth in interaction and care, as well as an opportunity for companies to improve service and user experience in different industries that have implemented them.

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