Artificial intelligence and new ways for networking

Artificial intelligence has infinite applications, especially in the business world. AI is a prodigy of surprises and every day it floods new areas, overflowing the fields of technology, science, and industry. Its last incursion has been into the area of “networking”, which is an ecosystem where professionals and business interests and agreements are woven and sealed.

Last year the Barcelona New Economy Week (BNEW), premiered a technological platform capable of replicating in the virtual universe of business the stands of the classic fairs and the spaces of “speaking” and debate. But its main novelty was, without a doubt, the deployment of a virtual ‘networking’ that throughout the week managed to activate no less than 23,271 professional contacts.

The architects of First Date Empresarial something similar to a blind date space, but highly technological and for the business world- have been the Catalan company SIRT, an infrastructure and telecommunications integrator with two decades of experience and in charge of providing technical support to the entire event, offering practically the same services in the virtual environment as in the real one: 160 hours of content, 389 speakers, 96 panels, debates and sessions and 34 gastronomic and cultural activities. SIRT has used Artificial Intelligence to ensure that this business meeting space replicates almost perfectly the face-to-face exchanges.

Technological scaffolding

Its engineers, more than a hundred, have turned to IA to give life to this digital “networking” capable of enriching contacts between business people despite being located in a cloud. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence the platform transformed into a thinking machine has facilitated a multitude of successful meetings: a sort of hundreds and thousands of blind dates that have turned out to be highly profitable.

This technological scaffolding, certainly sophisticated inside, has proved extremely simple and effective on the surface, hence its record. The attendees 10,862 professionals from 111 countries- only had to register their data and preferences, the rest was done by the machine, which learned from each new encounter, feeding back and multiplying the effectiveness of each new contact. “Enriching them, as if they were personal meetings”, as David Garriga, CEO and founder of SIRT explained. The result? More than 23,000 registered exchanges within one week.

Thus, the first objective of the BNEW was successfully fulfilled, to promote business networks and the search for opportunities among professionals from different sectors. In fact, the Virtual Village where 52 national start-ups and 128 international corporations set up their stands received 6,582 requests for information. Without a doubt, this technological platform designed by SIRT ‘ad hoc’, with an enormous capillarity and projection for the economic world, will be a solution for the future in the post Covid-19 era.

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